Moochie's Place


Jim Murdock


The fabulous life of Moochie Dunlop and the

Man who saw the beauty of her soul. Both have

Survived their winter of darkness, but not yet

Found their spring of hope.

Unique characters start a restaurant.

Find hidden money.

The Blankenschipf Curse


Jim Murdock


The curse.

Hilarious and scary events.

The secrets of life and health from

The Source.

A witty and irreverent rogue narrator.

Rube Winters discovers that he shares a family curse after he survives his head caught between the altar spindles at communion, and his first date ends in a shotgun blast. There is a rib tickling ski accident, the interruption of his wedding by a pet parrot, a life threatening accident to his wife and unborn child, a divorce, the death of his girlfriend's family, and his own accident.

Seeking answers, he re unites with his old professor at The Source, a magic spot in the mountains where he finds the meaning of life and health.

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